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Eaker Pérez Law is an experienced tax law firm that brings a high level of understanding and attentiveness to our clients in complex tax matters, including federal and state tax, innocent spouse relief, criminal tax, and tax litigation.

Handling complex and sophisticated criminal and civil tax litigation matters locally, nationally and internationally, we focus on helping our clients seek the best results in tax matters with the IRS, California and Texas. We have helped thousands of clients to protect their prosperity and return to a secure and happy lifestyle through using different legal and taxation strategies to obtain the best results for our clients’ unique situations.

At Eaker Pérez Law, exceptional tax results are just the beginning of the value we bring our clients.

Our process focuses on a privileged relationship with our clients that serves to identify past tax issues and prevent future ones from reoccurring through a careful, attentive consideration of our clients’ complex tax matters. We work with clients to resolve tax matters to aggressively defend their prosperity while compassionately caring for our clients’ livelihood and family.

We Focus Solely on Resolving Tax Matters

At Eaker Peréz Law, we focus solely on helping our clients solve complex tax matters. Unlike other law firms that may practice many different types of law, our experienced staff only takes cases involving tax disputes, tax controversies, and audits at the federal and state level. Thanks to our unique focus on tax law, we are able to offer our clients a high level of experience and expertise to help resolve their tax matters.

Comprehensive Tax Attorney Representation

We work with our clients at all stages of tax matters, including pre-audit and voluntary disclosures, federal and state audits, negotiations, litigation and appeals. Our clients are able to work with us throughout the entire process of dealing with the IRS or state agencies for individual and business tax matters, giving them one trusted partner to assist them in resolving tax matters to the best outcomes possible.

Unique Strategies for Each Unique Case

Our experienced tax attorneys have helped thousands of clients resolve their tax matters and one thing is the same with every case—no two were identical. We work with clients to give them attentive, personalized legal advice and tax strategies best suited to their unique tax situations, bringing together experience from every other tax matter we’ve helped to resolve. Our clients never go ignored or feeling like they haven’t been listened to in resolving their tax matters.

Our Mission is Your Prosperity.

We have one goal when working with our clients at Eaker Peréz Law: that our clients’ prosperity is protected and they are able to return to a secure, happy, and healthy lifestyle. We work to give our clients not only a peace of mind but a solid financial future by minimizing the burden of future tax liabilities. Contact our tax attorneys today to learn more about your options and why Eaker Peréz Law is different.

Your prosperity is our biggest professional success.

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